UAE-Aspen Institute Partnership



HAWKINS MIKITA worked with THE ASPEN INSTITUTE  and THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) Ambassador to bridge a gap between the UAE and the Entertainment community. The UAE, rich in culture and resources, has fast become an attraction for filmmakers across the world to utilize in the production of film and entertainment. With world- renowned think tank and global leader, The Aspen Institute, Hawkins Mikita worked to connect entertainment leaders in Hollywood to those in the UAE for a conversation and dialogue about collaboration and partnership. Through these efforts, Hawkins Mikita identified and created new relationships between the UAE Ambassador and Hollywood Entertainment executives to help foster conversation and ideas around bringing business to the Abu-Dhabi. Utilizing our long standing and respected relationships within the entertainment industry, we were able to create access. Hawkins Mikita can utilize relationships to create and manage lasting and meaningful opportunities for entities that otherwise do not have or do not know how to create access to.