Jason Mraz



HAWKINS MIKITA worked with Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter JASON MRAZ to create a strategy to sustain and grow his existing foundation, THE JASON MRAZ FOUNDATION. Hawkins Mikita analyzed and assessed current partnerships and sought out ways to make a greater impact, create a more focussed mission, and identify new opportunities to grow the foundation. Hawkins Mikita leveraged their relationships on Capitol Hill as well as industry relationships to gain greater placement for The Jason Mraz Foundation. Additionally, Hawkins Mikita found new opportunities to maximize visibility of The Jason Mraz Foundation through a unique partnership with the White House and the PRESIDENT'S COMMITTEE ON THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES. This partnership yielded for The Jason Mraz Foundation to be intimately involved in making change in our country's educational system through the arts with the TURNAROUND ARTS INITIATIVE.

Hawkins Mikita has the experience and know-how to sustain, grow, and manage existing individual/family foundations and philanthropic/political efforts.