National Arts in Education Week

Theres no question about it: expanding arts education programs and integrating creativity into the classroom means students perform better, stay in school longer, and are better prepared for success.

This week is the 5th annual National Arts in Education Week. This great celebration was adopted by the United States Congress in 2010 to raise awareness of the importance of arts education and to support equitable access to the arts for all students.

We are proud to work with influencers like JESSE TYLER FERGUSON and JASON MRAZ who are committed to incorporating arts education in the classroom via their ambassadorships with the TURNAROUND ARTS INITIATIVE

Complimenting school curriculum with arts education not only yields academic success, but also improves the lives of students outside of the classroom. Students in arts programs are more likely to be involved with volunteer and community organizations and also are more accepting of diverse friend groups. 

It's a no-brainer: arts education is integral for a better future. Happy National Arts in Education Week!