HARNESS Brings Together Entertainment, Tech, & Nonprofit Influencers

Over the weekend, Hawkins Mikita had the pleasure of working with Wilmer Valderrama, America Ferrera, and Ryan Piers Williams to join their HARNESS team and convene over 400 entertainment, tech, business, and nonprofit influencers to support and protect our most vulnerable communities.

"We are all part of this ecosystem," said Wilmer Valderrama as he opened the event. "We have a responsibility to understand, to unite, and to take action."

Senator for California, Kamala Harris, delivered a keynote address echoing Coretta Scott King as she reminded us that "the fight for justice must be fought and won with each generation."

The event hosted ten nonprofit organizations representing some of the most vulnerable communities whose missions are at stake under the current political climate. America Ferrera hosted various panels and discussions focussing on the Indigenous, black, Asian, immigrant, Muslim, and LGBTQ communities. 

With the help of numerous project managers, Hawkins Mikita is helping the HARNESS community focus the energy of Saturday's event into direct action and impact for these communities. 

Explore the HARNESS Spotlight online to learn more about the organizations present at the event.

HARNESS has launched a #30DaysofAction campaign on their online platforms offering action items daily, which everyone can take to stay informed and create change. 

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Photos by Paiwei Wei