Hawkins Mikita Hosts Congressman Swalwell

On Thursday night, Hawkins Mikita hosted Congressman Eric Swalwell in Los Angeles to introduce the Future Forum chairman to young professionals in the entertainment and nonprofit industries. 

Congressman Swalwell is an up-and-coming and impactful representative in Democratic leadership; he is a Ranking Member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence's Subcommittee on the CIA and is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. 

Congressman Swalwell, who represents California's 15th District and much of the East Bay, reminded us that a fundamental pillar of our democracy is the ability for ordinary citizens to speak up, speak out, and take action:

  1. Volunteer: Volunteer at local organizations for causes that inspire you. These organizations are built on individual participation and involvement. (Visit Harness.Space for some ideas).

  2. Speak Up: Call your city council member, mayor, state representative, governor, senator, or congressperson and make your voice heard. (Find your representatives' contact information here).  

  3. Run for Office: Run for your local school board, or assembly district, or city council position and affect change at every level in government. (Get started here).

  4. Register to Vote: Vote in every local, state, and congressional election. (Register to vote here). (Find your nearest swing district here). 

We are inspired by the work that Congressman Swalwell has accomplished in the House of Representatives, and we look forward to joining him in the fight to move our country forward.