Tie The Knot

Colton Haynes, Menswear Bloggers Design for Tie The Knot

Teen Wolf and Arrow star Colton Haynes joins Tie The Knot's extensive list of celebrity guest designers with his exclusive and limited-edition bow tie, which is part of the fall 2016 Tie The Knot collection launch! 

“I am so happy to help support Jesse & Justin - and Tie The Knot - with their fun and impactful approach to advocating for LGBTQ equality,” says Haynes. “Tie The Knot combines two very important aspects of my life - fashion and equality. It has never been so easy to support an important cause, and I am glad to be part of it.”  

Menswear bloggers Moti Ankari (The Metro Man), Marcel Floruss (One Dapper Street), and Nathan McCallum (Bangarang Blog) also designed unique bow ties for Tie The Knot inspired by their unique fashion senses, whimsical travels, and favorite design inspirations.

Sales of the bow ties support LGBTQ equality worldwide. $20 of every $25 Tie The Knot purchase at The Tie Bar (or $30 of every $35) is donated back to the organization so it may continue its mission of advocating for LGBTQ equality around the globe.


Tie The Knot Announces New Mission

With the launch of its new fall 2016 bow tie collection with The Tie Bar, Jesse Tyler Feguson's Tie The Knot announced a new mission rededicating itself to advocating for LGBTQ equality worldwide.


When Tie The Knot was founded in 2012  to advocate for marriage equality throughout the United States, only six states and Washington D.C. recognized marriages for same-sex couples. Today, having raised over $500,000 – three years and forty-four states later – the initial Tie The Knot goal of realizing full federal marriage equality was accomplished in June 2015. Same-sex couples across the country can marry in all 50 states and have their marriages recognized. 

Yet, there is still more work to do. In over thirty states, LGBTQ Americans lack federal protections in the workplace and are denied equal housing protection. Over 50% of LGBTQ Americans live in a state where they may be denied services based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Of the 1.6 million homeless youth in the United States, 40% identify as LGBTQ (compared to 7% of the general youth population) and an overwhelming majority name being ‘forced out’ or ‘ran away’ due to family conflict as the reason for their homelessness.

Tie The Knot has rededicated itself to advocating for comprehensive federal protections nationwide and LGBTQ equality around the world by financially supporting front-line organizations fighting for equality and human rights.

It's partnership with The Tie Bar offers a fun and innovative way for all Americans can support the LGBTQ community. $20 of every $25 Tie The Knot bow tie purchase at The Tie Bar (and $30 of every $35) is donated back to the organization so it can continue its new mission advocating for LGBTQ equality around the globe.

Tie The Knot Supports Equality Florida in Honor of Pulse

In honor of the 49 victims in the Orlando Pulse tragedy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Tie The Knot announced that they would donate all profits raised through the end of June to Equality Florida - one of the nonprofit organization's at the forefront of fighting for LGBTQ equality in the state.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Tie The Knot announced a separate $10,000 donation to Equality Florida immediately following the tragedy.

Equality Florida has been assisting those that were injured on June 12, family members, and community members in any way possible to cope with the tragedy, and they will continue their mission of securing equality and justice for Florida's LGBTQ community.

Use this link to purchase from Tie The Knot and help support Equality Florida >

Cyndi Lauper Designs for Tie The Knot

TIE THE KNOT, Jesse Tyler Ferguson's non-profit organization advocating for LGBTQ equality worldwide, recently released its spring collection of bow ties with an exclusive design by celebrity guest designer Cyndi Lauper.

The Songwriters Hall of Famer choose a fun and eye-catching leopard print as the design of her limited-edition tie, which supports her organization, the TRUE COLORS FUND. $20 of every $25 bow tie purchase supports her organization and the work they do everyday to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, creating a world in which young people can be their true selves.

Head on over to The Tie Bar today to pick up the exclusive fashion accessory and support a wonderful organization.

Josh Hutcherson Designs for Tie The Knot

Josh Hutcherson isn't just one of our favorite film stars from The Hunger Games. He is also an LGBT ally who has been fighting for equality for quite some time.

As part of JESSE TYLER FERGUSON's TIE THE KNOT fall/winter collection of bow ties, Josh Hutcherson designed his own bow tie in support of his organization - Straight But Not Narrow - a not-for-profit primarily focused on straight youth & young adults, which strives to positively influence the perception of, and behavior toward, their LGBT peers. 

“Straight But Not Narrow has always been about allowing people to be whoever they are. It’s about letting people know it’s okay to be yourself and you should actively support others to do the same.” said Josh Hutcherson.

“We created our SBNN bow tie with Tie The Knot to help raise awareness and funds to keep our efforts moving forward. Rocking this tie means you are letting people around you know that you support them and their pursuit to become the best person they can be.”

Get your Josh Hutcherson Tie The Knot bow tie today to support LGBTQ equality worldwide.