Tie The Knot Announces New Mission

With the launch of its new fall 2016 bow tie collection with The Tie Bar, Jesse Tyler Feguson's Tie The Knot announced a new mission rededicating itself to advocating for LGBTQ equality worldwide.


When Tie The Knot was founded in 2012  to advocate for marriage equality throughout the United States, only six states and Washington D.C. recognized marriages for same-sex couples. Today, having raised over $500,000 – three years and forty-four states later – the initial Tie The Knot goal of realizing full federal marriage equality was accomplished in June 2015. Same-sex couples across the country can marry in all 50 states and have their marriages recognized. 

Yet, there is still more work to do. In over thirty states, LGBTQ Americans lack federal protections in the workplace and are denied equal housing protection. Over 50% of LGBTQ Americans live in a state where they may be denied services based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Of the 1.6 million homeless youth in the United States, 40% identify as LGBTQ (compared to 7% of the general youth population) and an overwhelming majority name being ‘forced out’ or ‘ran away’ due to family conflict as the reason for their homelessness.

Tie The Knot has rededicated itself to advocating for comprehensive federal protections nationwide and LGBTQ equality around the world by financially supporting front-line organizations fighting for equality and human rights.

It's partnership with The Tie Bar offers a fun and innovative way for all Americans can support the LGBTQ community. $20 of every $25 Tie The Knot bow tie purchase at The Tie Bar (and $30 of every $35) is donated back to the organization so it can continue its new mission advocating for LGBTQ equality around the globe.